Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Flats and Handwashing Challenge

23 April 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge

If my brother doesn't understand why we use cloth diapers, he's definitely NOT going to understand the challenge that I will be participating in from May 23-30.  Kim (at http://www.dirtydiaperlaundry.com/) read an article stating that 1 in 3 parents leave their children in diapers longer than necessary to try extend the life of disposable diapers and in extreme cases some even reuse diapers by scraping solids into the toilet and blow drying them.  After reading this, Kim decided to get bloggers together and have a flat and hand washing challenge.

Below are the rules to participate, which you can find at Dirty Diaper Laundry's blog:
·  You MUST use Flats.
·  You MUST handwash them.  How is up to you.  (bathtub, sink, large wash tub, portable non electronic washing machine, or camp style washer (bucket and plunger- think churning butter)
·  You MUST air dry them.  (indoors or outdoors, makes no difference.
·  You MUST limit your number of covers in rotation to 5 or less.
·  You can use any detergent you want.  (Keep in mind that you still want cloth safe detergents)
·  You can still use your nighttime diapers but I ask that you try to make flats work.  Maybe try a prefold wrapped in a flat.
·  You can use disposable liners.
·  You CAN’T use a diaper sprayer.  I thought long and hard about this one, but at an average cost of 40.00 this is one diaper accessory that is out of range for many families.  Dunk, swish, flush, or scrape!
·  You MUST start the morning of May 23 and end the evening of May 30.
·  You MUST fill out a completion survey about your experience.  Results will be published here and can be republished on your own blog.
·  You don’t have to be a blogger!  Your conclusions about the experiment will be entered into the survey at the end of the challenge.  You can share on your Facebook, Twitter, various messageboards.  But if you are a blogger please share your experience on your own blog. Grab the button and let people know you are planning on joining the challenge. 
My thoughts about doing the challenge and some of the rules:

Why did I decide to do this?  I was thrilled when I saw this challenge.  Too often people associate cloth diapering with being expensive and part of the reason is because people automatically think of FuzziBunz, BumGenius, Blueberrys, and other pocket/AIO diapers.  Those diapers are expensive.  I can buy about 6 premium prefold diapers for the cost of one of the above diapers.  I want to show that cloth diapering does not have to be expensive.  With flat diapers, you can use them from birth through potty training.  I want to learn how to use a flat.  That's the one diaper I have never used because I've been intimidated by them.  I also want to educate my readers about cloth diapering

Rule #1:  I have never used a flat diaper because I've been individuated by them, especially now that the Pumpkin is mobile, but I'll practice before that week.  Flats are the least expensive diaper; they fit babies from birth through potty training.

Rule #2: I have to hand wash them... No problem.  I can do that.  It's only a week.  Plus, since flats are one layer, I think it will be easier than washing prefolds, pockets, AI2s, or AIOs.  I occasionally hand wash covers already.  Especially if I've just washed prefolds and washday won't be for 2 or so days.  I've also read that flats tend not to stink as much as other cloth diapering options.

Rule #3: Already air dry my CD.  Enough said.  :-D

Rule #4: Currently have less than 5 diaper covers in rotation, since Charis has grown SO MUCH.  I want to finish either the soaker or longies I'm knitting to try for my nighttime solution. 

Rule #6: Am willing to try flats for two to three nights before going to another night time solution.  If it's easier to hand wash flats, I am definitely willing to do this.

If you are interested and are able to do this, I'd encourage you to try it.  It's ONLY FOR A WEEK, but if you are not able or willing that's fine.  To be honest, I'm not sure how much difference this will make in educating those who have low incomes.  Do they have the time or resources to go online and view blogs?  I am at least hoping that it will help raise awareness that cloth diapering DOES NOT have to be expensive and that anyone can do it (even without owning a washer and dryer).  I'll update as I go through this process.

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  1. Come see why I am doing the Flats Challenge and comment on my post... http://finamoon.blogspot.com/2011/04/flats-and-handwashing-challenge.html

    It is true some think cloth diapering is expensive, lets prove people wrong!