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07 April 2011

I need to belong to a CDA group

What's a CDA group?  Cloth Diapers Anonymous

My husband and I cloth diaper Charis.  I love it.  Drew likes the savings.  One thing that can happen though with cloth diapering is wanting to buy almost every cloth diaper I see.  There are so many CUTE prints out there.  And some NICE wool covers.  But, if I bought everything, then we would not save anything, but lose money instead.  So, I need to start a CDA group.  Anyone want to join?  Meetings will be held on Mondays at 6PM at our apartment.  If you want more information, just leave a comment.

One another note, I've been making some wool covers for Charis, called soakers, shorties, and longies.  Once they are finished, I plan on posting pictures of her in them and reviewing the yarn I used and the pattern.  If you want to look at knit/crochet soaker, shortie, and longie patterns, go to www.ravelry.com
Warning: If you click on the link, be careful not to get sucked in.  Otherwise, you may be tempted to spend all day looking at patterns and what people knit, instead of, cleaning, doing dishes, doing laundry, etc.

Hope you enjoyed some pictures of my cloth diapers drying on our balcony. 

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