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30 April 2011

It's the last day of April!!  I liked April.  But, I always look forward to May, since it means summer is coming, flowers are blooming and growing, farmers markets/stands are opening, Larriland farm is opening, swimming pools open, etc. 

Charis is in bed right now napping!!  I LOVE it when she's awake and smiling, but I also like it when she's napping.  Mainly because she becomes GRUMPY and GROUCHY when she is tired and needs to be put in her crib and fall asleep. 

I'm planning on cleaning a wee bit and making cookies with Charis.  Okay, I'll be the one making the cookies.  The pumpkin will be in her high chair watching me.  We'll be taking them to church tomorrow for the fellowship meal.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Don't forget, mommies need that little bit of time to themselves when the baby is napping! It's nice to be able to recoup. Those little boogers take a lot of energy!! I'm following you now!