Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Our apartment guests left on Saturday

26 April 2011

Our apartment guests left on Saturday

We had my parents over last week, from Wednesday until Saturday, and now our lives have been slowly getting back to "normal."  Though, I sometimes wander, "Is anything normal when we have an 8 month old?"  There's now a stack of dishes in the sink, clothes that need to be washed, a dirty plate on the table, etc.  It was lovely to have them.  Charis LOVED the attention.  I jokingly told my husband, "Our daughter is going through detox."  He was puzzled.  And then I explained to him "Granny and Grandad detox."  When they were here, if she was crying, she was attended to immediately, but when they left, she was not always attended to immediately.  Yes, I made sure she's safe, but the world does not revolve around her.

I now have two tomato plants planted, as well as oregano, basil, and cilantro.  I'm planning on planting a pepper plant and more tomato and basil.  Unfortunately, we have limited space due to just having a balcony, but it's also something I'm thankful for.  That we have a balcony verses just an apartment.  :-D

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