Wife, Mummy, Nurse: The 38th Annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

07 May 2011

The 38th Annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Today, Charis and I went to The 38th Annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, and we're already planning on going again next year.  Okay, truth be told, I'm planning on going again next year, because this is what Charis did.  (See picture below.)

Counting sheep in her sleep.

But hopefully in time, she will begin to take interest in, like, enjoy, love all things wool and fiber, knitting, crocheting, creating patterns, and giving home made gifts (I especially like the last one).  Until that happens, I must be patient with her as she is cat like in unraveling my yarn.

I bought a total of 8 skeins of yarn.  And no, I don't yet have plans for ALL of them.  I plan on making a soaker for Charis with one of the skeins.  Christmas ornaments with two of the skeins.  The other five I bought because they were $2 each and I have no clue what I'll be knitting with them.  My new stash includes:

  • (1) Tahki Select Star 163 yards 60% Tactel nylon/40% polyester sinflex.  I have NO idea what I'll make with this one, but for $2, I figured, "Why not get it?"
  • (4) Ella Rae Classic Print 219 yards 100% Wool.  (2 in color 200 and 2 in color 209).  Again, I don't know what I'll make with these, but I can at least knit baby socks to give away if I can't think of anything else.
  • (1) Peace Fleece Violet approximately 200 yards 70% Merino wool/30% Mohair.  I plan on making a soaker for Charis from the Curly Purly pattern.
  • (2) Mirasol Tupa 137 yards 50% Merino wool/50% Silk.  (1 in color 800 and 1 in color 808).
Like I previously wrote, I would LOVE to go back next year.  Some things I will do similarly, such as: carry Charis in my Boba, arrive as early as I can, walk around to the different vendors before buying yarn, and bring my own water and food.  

Things I would do differently include: getting a festival flyer as soon as I walk through the gates (I got mine after being there for two hours), have a pen/paper handy (so when I see something I may want, I can write down the vendor, yarn, and cost), write down ISBN numbers of books I want (I can buy the few books I wanted cheaper online), bring sunscreen (I got burnt), and bring a hat for the pumpkin (AKA Charis).

For more information on the festival, go to http://www.sheepandwool.org/

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