Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Day seven of flats and handwashing challenge

31 May 2011

Day seven of flats and handwashing challenge

Day 7 complete!!  Flats and handwashing challenge finished.

Charis' night solution on Saturday night was a handmade diaper by her mummy.  It's actually a fitted pocket diaper.  In the pocket, I placed two flat diapers.  I placed her Sustainablebabyish wool diaper over it.  I was sorry to cover it up, but I needed to in order to keep the sheets dry.  I used a combination of patterns, such as Rita's Rump, Ottobre, and a bit of my imagination.

How did it hold up??  I was pleased to find out in the morning that there were no leaks.  I was not too sure how it would do overnight, especially since the leg openings were not as tight as I would have wanted.  But like I said, there were no leaks in the morning.  I think in order to make it less bulky I will buy some bamboo or hemp fabric since it's more absorbent than cotton.

The t-shirt I bought for $1.00 at Salvation Army last Wednesday.  If you look closely, "America" is written underneath the flower.  I decided to make this for Memorial Day weekend.  And I bought the fleece ages ago when Joann fabrics had Blizzard fleece $2.99/yard.  It was a very cheap diaper!!

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