Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Day three of flats and handwashing challenge

26 May 2011

Day three of flats and handwashing challenge

Day 3 completed!!!

We're ALMOST halfway finished.  For which I am glad.  I miss washing cloth diapers in the washing machine (AKA one of my maids.)  No leaks today!!  If I had to wash diapers by hand everyday, I would use flats ALL THE TIME.  They definitely dry faster than any other diaper.

The BumGenius worked with a flat diaper folded up last night.  I'm currently working on something else to try out for a night time solution with my flat diapers (hopefully, it will debut on Friday or Saturday night), but I'm not going to give any hints until the project is complete.

The diapers are currently drying on the drying rack, and I'm going to bed.

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