Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Days five and six of flats and handwashing challenge

29 May 2011

Days five and six of flats and handwashing challenge

Days 5 and 6 are complete!!  

Day 5

Flats soaking.
I was not able to update yesterday.  With Charis not feeling 100%, travelling home, and handwashing diapers, I was not able to blog.  Charis was throwing up May 27th from 1:00AM to 3:45PM; she was not bothered by it, but I was.  Something was upsetting her stomach and I couldn't do a whole lot.  I was concerned if she kept it up, she could get dehydrated.  Thankfully, since I'm a nurse, I know what symptoms to look for.

Last night when I arrived home, I changed Charis into a FuzziBunz diaper, nursed her, and put her to bed.  After this, I soaked the dirty diapers in cold water for about 45 minutes, washed them with hot water and let them sit in that another 30 minutes, and rinsed them out.

Day 6

Flats drying on balcony.
Not to many issues today.  I am thankful to be home, especially since the sun is present in the DC Metro region.  My flat diapers dried SO QUICKLY!!!

Charis did have a bowel movement.  Since I am home, I used the detachable shower head, sprayed off the BM remains into the bucket, and flushed the remains in the bucket down the toilet.  After giving Charis a bath, I used her the leftover water to soak the diapers.  And repeated last night's process afterwards.

On a side note: I am thrilled to have my camera back and hope you enjoy the photographs.

Origami fold.
Sorry, my daughter
likes MOVING!!
Playing with a Crystal
Light box.  Why do
I buy toys for her??

Diapers soaking tonight.

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  1. I hope she is feeling better today. She seems pretty good in that second to last photo. Love her Bummis cover.

    I have to say, my last load of handwash diapers is soaking now and I am glad that is the last I'll be doing of that. At least for a while. But I do like the flats. I'll probably switch all my pocket inserts into flats.