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02 May 2011

A is for Avocado

Unfortunately, when most people think of avocados, they associate them with being fatty, and therefore, they want to stay away from them.  Yes, they contain fat, most of which is monounsaturated fat (the good kind of fat).  Avocados also contains folate, Vitamins B6, C, E, and K, fiber, and potassium.  To find out more benefits of eating avocados, go to http://www.avocado.org/

On Saturday, my husband and I had lentil taco salad, with rice, and guacamole on the side.  The guacamole recipe is so EASY.  When I first made it, I measured everything as suggested in the recipe.  Now, when I make it, I eyeball everything and do a taste test before serving it.

Mash 2 avocados with a fork.
Add 1/4 cup salsa. (Yes, I cheat.)
2 Tbsp lime juice (Note: Do this to prevent browning.  If you don't have limes, lemons work just as well.)
Add 1 Tbsp chopped onion and 2 cloves minced garlic.
Add dash salt, pepper, red pepper, and coriander to suit your tastes.

Serve with tortilla chips or in our case with spinach, lentils, and rice.  Enjoy!!

I'm planning on starting an "Alphabet series."  On Mondays, I will be highlighting a food and a recipe that contains that food item. 

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  1. I looooove Avacados!! In fact, my husband never used to like them, and I've even got him liking them now and he asked for them tonight! Thanks for the recipe!!