Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Lessons Learned Last Week

26 June 2011

Lessons Learned Last Week

My daughter's new favorite place is... THE BATHROOM.  Why is this so?  I believe Charis likes the bathroom for a few reasons:

  1. She's intrigued by the shower, toilet, and sink.
  2. She now has a "best friend"-AKA the mirror.
Because Charis is frequently in the bathroom, I now need to keep the toilet lid down (I learned the hard way that Charis will put her hand in a dirty toilet bowl and put her hand in her mouth.  YUCK! GROSS!) and pick up my clothes off the floor before showering.

Charis wearing my nursing bra.
Reason to pick clothes up off floor
before showering.

Charis with her "twin"


  1. Charming. And I like your words about your husband, too. It's amazing how having a child changes someone - after our babies, my husband can hold and calm any baby now. This, he could not do before kids.

  2. really cute, wait until she figures out how to unravel the toilet paper!

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  3. Ahh, toddlers and bathrooms. We make it a habit for everyone to close the lid and the bathroom door. It's only a matter of time before she figures out how to flush. :) We've had to call a plumber more than once due to objects going "bye-bye" down the potty.
    Thanks for visiting Raising Knights! I'm following you now.

  4. She's already started to figure out Toilet Paper. I take it off the roller during the day and put it back on at night when she's in bed.