Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Let Me Be A Woman

21 June 2011

Let Me Be A Woman

Unfortunately, there are many Christians who believe that women should not be educated.  They argue that a woman's highest calling is to be a wife and a mother, so why bother educating them.  They say that girls should not go to college, but rather they should stay at home, helping with the family and learning homemaking skills, cleaning, cooking, baking, helping out with their younger siblings, etc.

I do not believe this to be so.  One of my favorite books is Let Me Be A Woman by Elizabeth Elliot.  In this book, she writes about why it is important to have educated women, even if they get married and have a family.  The reason women should be educated is to
Draw out (the root meaning of the word educate) the gifts that God has given, whatever they may be.  Surely I did not send you [Valerie] to college on the assumption that you should not marry.  A Christian liberal education will make you a better wife and mother, I'm convinced, if that is God's will for you.  If You were called to be a tax collector or philosopher I should likewise want you to have that kind of education.
When the time comes for my daughter to finish high school, I will not discourage her from attending college, but on the flip side, I will not say to her, "You MUST got to college and get your degree before getting married and starting a family."  It's a fine line and I need to be careful.  I need to be educating her throughout her preschool and school years.  We do this very informally right now.  I read out loud to her to help her pick up words and hear new vocabulary.  Drew talks to her in Spanish.  We sing and talk with Charis.  She is allowed to explore her environment as much as possible, without putting her in harms way.

What type of things have you done to help educate your child/children?  
Do you send them to private or public school?  Do you home school them?


  1. I agree with you - homemaking skills are important but a higher education allowing for a marketable trade is important, too. My mother was a homemaker for 25 years when she found herself a single mother with a 3 year old. I knew when I grew up that I had to have a marketable trade or skill should something like this ever happen to me.

    I have a degree in nursing and one in psychology. And soon will be an advanced practice nurse practitioner. I will always be able to provide for my family no matter what the situation presents. Whether it be working outside the home or in the home tending to fevers, cuts, respiratory infections, or ear infections.

  2. I think a woman should be educated so she can better teach her children and help those around her. I am a stay at home mom by choice, I have a college degree and I'd say I'm still using it! My daughter is two and we do all kinds of things everyday. In fact, today I was teaching her about water solubility. Of course to her, it was just throwing paper and and other things into her little swimming pool, a lesson which happened completely on accident. The point is, to take the natural curiosity of a child and guide it into truth and knowledge--taking the opportunity to teach. I think you are doing great!