Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Two of My Favorite People

26 June 2011

Two of My Favorite People

First Father-Daughter "Dance"
Are my husband and daughter.

Before our daughter was born, my husband was very uncomfortable around children, was reluctant to hold them and play with them, and wanted to stay at arms length away from them.  On August 18, that changed for one wee little girl, our daughter, Charis Louise.  Now, Drew's great with children, especially our child.  A few of the ways he shows his love to both of us are waking up at night and holding her so I could get sleep, changing her diapers (sometimes he puts cloth diapers on her!!), letting me sleep in (he did that this past week because I had a headache), singing and reading to her, speaking in Spanish to her, smiling and laughing with her, dancing with Charis (especially at my sister's wedding see picture to the left), the list could go on and on.

I am thankful that Drew is my husband.  My daughter is blessed to have my husband as a father.

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