Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Small Praises for the Last Week {Gratituesday}

02 August 2011

Small Praises for the Last Week {Gratituesday}

I have plenty to be thankful for, but here's a surface list.  :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011: Charis and I went to the beach with a group of ladies (and their children) from church.  We had a delightful time.  Charis did not get a sunburn!!  Mission accomplished.  Unfortunately, I did, and I'm thankful for my husband because he went to the store TWICE in search of Aloe.  (Note: I did not ask him to do this.)  First, he came back with something completely wrong, but he realized it and went back to the store and came home with the right thing.  Then, he put the Aloe linden flower after sun soother on my sunburn.  (No, he still could not find aloe at the store, and neither could I when I went there on Saturday.)
July 27, 2011
Thursday, July 28, 2011: I was able to sleep and rest during the day.  Praise God!!  (Especially since I worked on Friday.)

Friday, July 29, 2011: I worked at the hospital, and unlike the week before, I did not feel like I wanted to turn my three week notice in.  It was a nice slow, "smooth" day.  And I got out at 7:30PM and fell asleep by 9:15PM.

Saturday, July 30, 2011: Drew worked, and I was able to rest and get some NEEDED cleaning accomplished in the apartment.

Sunday, July 31, 2011: We were able to go to church and worship God.  Afterwards, we had three friends (J, M, and D) over.  This Saturday is M and D's wedding!!  We had a Psalm sing in the evening and were able to fellowship with others there.

Monday, August 1, 2011: My daughter napped, and I was able to get some knitting done.
August 1, 2011


  1. Always a bonus when one gets rest and knitting done in the same week.

    Love the last photo - we have that Bummis cover, too. She's so lovely. Her swim suit it a cute one, too.

  2. What a beautiful baby girl you have!