Wife, Mummy, Nurse: My Little Psalms {Read Allowed Thursday and Thrifty Thursday}

08 September 2011

My Little Psalms {Read Allowed Thursday and Thrifty Thursday}

I LOVE shopping at thrift stores.  Why do I?  I like saving money.  So many times, people give something that they've never worn or still in the package, but at the same time, I try be choosy and not purchase things unless I have something specifically planned for them.  I can find things that are unique or that I might not readily find in a store.

One item I recently bought at our nearest thrift store was My Little Psalms.  It came to a grand total of 35 cents.  It does not look like anyone even read it, but when I saw it, I immediately grabbed it off the shelf.  Our church denomination sings Psalms exclusively and I wanted it to read to Charis.  I do not know what translation it is in, but I've read a few selections out of it to my daughter.  I love the Psalms.  Some things that Charis can learn from this book are that:

  • God is the Creator "The sky was made at the Lord's command." Psalm 33
  • God is good "The Lord is good. His love continues forever." Psalm 100
  • We are to be thankful to God "God, I will thank you forever for what you have done." Psalm 5


  1. It sounds like a lovely book. :)

  2. Isn't it wonderful to find a bargain that you love? Thanks for joining in Read Aloud Thursday!