Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Recent Photo of Me {All About Me in 30 Days}

01 October 2011

Recent Photo of Me {All About Me in 30 Days}

One of my favorite blogs is So Easy Being Green.  Last November/December, there was an All About Me in 30 Days series Lindsey did.  I am planning of borrowing from her.  Hope you enjoy getting to know me a wee bit more.

Day 1: Recent Photo of Me

This is SO HARD TO DO!!  I'm usually the one taking pictures of my baby girl.  As a general rule, Drew usually does not take pictures, but one night, in April, after giving Charis a bath, I decided to take a self portrait with Charis in the picture.

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  1. What a fun idea! Such a cute photo of yourself and Charis. :) Looking forward to getting to know you better, ~Lisa :)