Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Chicken Stew Recipe

10 October 2011

Chicken Stew Recipe

As promised in last week's menu planning post, here's the recipe for the stew I made on Monday.  Just a warning, I did not measure any ingredients.

Get potatoes and carrots.  Wash them.
Peel carrots (and potatoes if you like).
Cut carrots and potatoes into chunks.

Peel and cut onion into chunks.

Place onions, potatoes, and carrots into crockpot.
Pour apple cider over everything.
Sprinkle with garlic powder, rosemary, parsley,
sea salt, pepper, thyme, etc.

Put chicken pieces on top of everything and
sprinkle with sea salt and pepper.

Cook on high for approximately 5-6 hours.
NOTE: Remember to turn on Crock-pot.
I forgot this, and about 90 minutes later, came
back, and it was waiting to be turned on.