Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Menu Planning October 24-30 {Plan It Don't Panic Meal Challenge}

24 October 2011

Menu Planning October 24-30 {Plan It Don't Panic Meal Challenge}

Join us for another week of menu planning.  Note: I do not follow my plans perfectly at all.  Sometimes I have more leftovers than I expected.  Sometimes I forget to pull out something from the freezer the night before.  Sometimes I want to prepare something "easier" that I have planned for another night because I had a "bad" day, which has been happening more because Charis is teething.  My poor baby girl.

Monday: Pumpkin black bean turkey chili recipe/Cornbread

Tuesday: Korean spicy chicken and potato tak toritang

Wednesday: Pasta and salad

Thursday: Okonomiyaki

Friday: Curried quinoa salad with mango

Saturday: We are having a Reformation party at church, the country of focus is England.  Drew is going as Pope Clement VII, and I'm going as Queen Elizabeth I.  I signed up to bring lemon curd and a vegetable side dish (I'll probably just bring green beans).

Sunday: Psalm sing in evening.  I'll probably bring sandwiches or a salad.

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  1. You make some fancy fun things! Will we get to see pics of you as Queen Elizabeth?