Wife, Mummy, Nurse: A Photo of Me as a Child {All About Me in 30 Days}

04 October 2011

A Photo of Me as a Child {All About Me in 30 Days}

Left to Right: Robbie, Saundy, and Me :-D
Since I was the firstborn, my parents took a TON of pictures of me, but I also have two siblings.  Both of whom are very special to me.  My sister was my maid of honor in our wedding, and my brother is my 6 ft. 6 in., 18 mo. younger brother.

You may notice the couch in the background.  One afternoon, my brother and I decided to decorate it with shoe polish.  Yes, my husband and I PRAY that Charis or any other future children do NOT do that to our furniture.


  1. Oh, but they will! Each of them will do something like that eventually... maybe even several times. Just be ready to laugh about having to, say, clean molasses off the entire stairway, walls and carpet.

  2. Haha, hopefully not shoe polish, but she may get into something else. They always do!