Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Hootie Pants and Book on Russia {Yarn Along}

02 November 2011

Hootie Pants and Book on Russia {Yarn Along}

As I promised yesterday, here are photographs of my latest knitting project.

I found the pattern on Ravelry, and you can get it here.  They're called "Hootie Pants".  I'm making these longies for Charis to put over her cloth diapers in the winter.  I'm using Paton's classic wool.  As you can hopefully see, they have owls just underneath the waist.  I'm hoping they'll fit her.

On the reading front, I'm hoping to start reading a book on Russia.  A few weeks ago, Drew and I went to a friend's house after church, and we were talking about Russia and the Soviet Union, and I realized I know very little about Russia and want to learn more.


  1. Longies seem such a sensible baby winter option :) Love them!

  2. I absolutely love knitting with Paton's yarn. The longies look cute; I think I see the owls. :) I never knew about these type of pants when my kiddos were babies; I do have a church friend who knits a similar pattern for her kids and loves them. Happy knitting and enjoy that reading! ~Lisa