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28 November 2011

Sweet Bobbins #fluffyxmas

Our next sponsor for #fluffyxmas is Sweet Bobbins.  Sweet Bobbins is an Etsy shop, run by Angela and Rene, that sells handmade cloth diaper accessories, including wet bags and wipes and flat diapers.  They don't just stop at making baby items; they also sew and sell items for moms, such as nursing covers and pads.  Angela and Rene are cousins living on opposite coasts in the US.  A few things that I love about Sweet Bobbins is they always pre-wash in warm water with free and clear soap that is safe for cloth diapering and if you don't see what you are looking for, ask them about making a custom order.

I was sent an organic bamboo fleece flat diaper for review.  I love bamboo, especially in cloth diapers.  The flat they sent me had primary rainbow serged edges with rounded corners.  The other thread choices for serging are: natural, pastel rainbow, primary rainbow, and pink rainbow.  Bamboo is four times more absorbent than cotton and has natural antibacterial properties.  It is so soft.  My daughter has been trying to take it out of the clean laundry basket to use as a blanket {so I'm thinking of getting her one for that purpose for Christmas}.  The flat diaper works nicely folded in a pad and just placed inside a cover.  When we're at home, I just use the origami fold, place my daughter on the diaper, use a snappi to fasten it, and let her run around without a cover.

Buy a flat diaper for yourself for $8.99 or come back between December 1-5 and enter to win a flat diaper from Sweet Bobbins.

Sweet Bobbins sent me a flat diaper to review.
I was not compensated in any way and all
opinions are my own.

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