Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Vaccines and The Greater Good Trailer

03 November 2011

Vaccines and The Greater Good Trailer

I rarely talk about my job outside the home, but I'm becoming more frustrated at the health facility where I work.  The other day, I had this message on my machine
Hi... I'm calling in regards to your flu vaccine.  Today is the final day for you to come in and get vaccinated or provide us with some documentation or we are going to have to take you out of the system.  If you can give me a call please and update me with your status...
In other words, if you don't get this vaccine, you'll be fired.  Is this legal?  And even if it is, where's my liberty in this matter?  What do I get to say in it?

Another thing that bothers me, when you get vaccinated you have to sign an informed consent.  "Informed consent is the process by which a fully informed patient can participate in choices about her health." http://depts.washington.edu/bioethx/topics/consent.html  And do I want to work for an organization like this that bullies their nurses into getting vaccinations?  No.  And would I be confident as a patient at this hospital?  No, I would not, which is why I will not be a patient there again (unless I'm in an emergency circumstance).  Not when they don't let their employees decide for themselves whether they should get the flu vaccine.

The Greater Good is streaming online for free this week.  Hope you go and watch it.  I'll put some of my notes up later regarding what I saw in the documentary.

What are your thoughts regarding vaccinations?
Have you seen The Greater Good?


  1. I am a firm believer in people having a choice as to whether they choose to vaccinate or not.

    In the pediatric clinic I do my training at and with all the health care providers I've worked with, all of them support vaccinations. I have seen far more kids have problems associated with the diseases themselves than have vaccination reactions.

  2. Wow, most other places I've heard about make the non-flu vaccination people wear masks or something else stupid, not fire them. I'm surprised they can do that since in some cases anyways, it is based on religion that they don't vaccinate.

  3. We've not vaccinated our youngest two (now 13 & 11). Thankfully, our pediatrician supported our decision to wait; our reading has led us to not vaccinate past our original plan to do so at around age 5 or 6. This is a hard topic; I'm going to make time to watch "The Greater Good" -- thanks for sharing the trailer.

  4. Amy, They allow medical and religious exemption, but my problem with it doesn't fall under either. I don't think it's a sin to vaccinate, so I don't want to claim religious exemption.

  5. You probably already have, but if not, it might worth checking the wording of the religious exemption. Sometimes the ones for children and school use wording about your objection to vaccinations being "like a religious conviction". You don't have to be part of a specific religious system with rules against vaccinations. My line of thinking goes something like, vaccinations are full of things that our not good to be injecting into our bodies. It would be wrong to intentionally harm ourselves. To me, that is "like a religious conviction". In PA, we have philosophical objections too though, so we wouldn't have to claim that though if we wanted to send the boys to school selectively vaxed.