Wife, Mummy, Nurse: What's On Your Fridge?

09 November 2011

What's On Your Fridge?

I have a confession: Anytime I go to visit a friend, I look at two things, their books and their refrigerator.  You can tell by looking at a person's fridge, i.e. the amount of friends they have, how much they like order (or chaos), their schedule (and their childrens' schedule), what weddings they've been invited to, who they are praying for (because they have missionary photo cards), recipes they like, etc.

Here's a photograph of my fridge:

If you look at my fridge, a few things you will note:
1. My daughter LOVES her Leapfrog toy magnet, but I keep a lot of the magnets high up because she would throw them ALL on the floor if she was allowed.  "Every letter makes a sound. B says buh."
2. I still have the handmade Valentine card I received in 2010.
3. I gave my cousin maple syrup as a small wedding gift.  Note: She lives in Scotland (and blogs at MK Wings) where maple syrup is not as readily available or as cheap as it is in the States.
4. You might think that either Drew and/or I went to Westminster College, but you'd be mistaken.  We have a relative who teaches there.

What's on your fridge?


  1. I have a picture of you on my fridge, a nursing school picture :) and a million other things. There is not enough space for all the pictures Paul and my sisters draw for me.

  2. Oo I like this post a lot! I always enjoy seeing what others have on their fridge, too.