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26 December 2011

Tips on Flying with an Infant

It's so hard to believe that it has been a year since we landed in Northern Ireland so we could attend my cousin's wedding.  Time has flown by.  I am thankful that Drew and I decided to travel when Charis was an infant, because I cannot imagine travelling with an active toddler.  I want to list a few things that helped us when we traveled last Christmas on an airplane.

  1. If your baby appears to be suffering from ear pain during take of and landing, breastfeed [or give a pacifier or formula].  But if your baby's sleeping, let him sleep.
  2. Bring a baby carrier.  By doing this, you can have your hands free as you are moving through the airport and your baby can hopefully sleep when you're carrying him.  I bought a Boba baby carrier about two weeks before flying and had no regrets about taking it over with us.  I liked the Boba because it's easy to put on and multiple people can wear it, since it's not sized.  My 6 foot 6 inch brother wore my daughter in it a few times on that trip.  
  3. Pack a wet bag to take on the plane.  Since Charis was only four months old when we traveled, she was still exclusively breastfed and had at least TWO blowouts on the plane.  I was thankful for our Planet wise wet bag.
  4. Pack 2-3 changes of baby clothes.  [See above reason.]
  5. Bring bottled water on the plane, especially if you are breastfeeding.  Staying hydrated helps prevent jet lag and helps keep your milk supply.
  6. Bring an umbrella stroller.  I say this because umbrella strollers tend to be less expensive than other strollers, so if something happens to it, it's not a big loss.  I bought a used umbrella stroller at a thrift store and was able to check it in at the gate before boarding the plane.
  7. Rent, borrow, or bring a car seat with you.  Thankfully, my aunt was able to borrow a car seat from somebody at her church.  So this was one thing I did not have to worry about.
  8. Ask for help before boarding or before leaving the plane.  Most airlines have passengers with young children board first.  And try to relax and enjoy the flight.
What tips do you have for traveling or flying with an infant?
My brother carrier my daughter using the Boba carrier.
This was taken inside Grianan fort.

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  1. REally old post, I know, lol, you've long since gotten back safely which is good. :) But being a former CPST I saw the car seat tip and couldn't not comment. Parents should never, ever rent a car seat, and using one from someone you don't know is not a good idea either. Unless you can get the following questions answered and you fully trust that person (read: not an acquaintance) to tell teh truth, do not use a seat from them. It's too big a risk.
    1)has the seat ever been dropped? If it has it may be considered crashed.
    2)has the seat been in an accident, whether there was a child in it or not? Crashed, unsafe, even if unoccupied.
    3)has the seat ever been checked as luggage on an airplane? It's considered unsafe to use. Airlines damage things all the time, have you seen the way they treat your luggage? Lol You can't always see the damage done to a car seat whichis dangerous
    4)has harsh chemicals been used on the straps? Straps ever fully submerged( like in the washer)? It needs new straps
    5)does it have all original pieces, manual? Any recalls? is it put together properly? Without being the original owner of the seat these questions are usually unknown.

    There are less expensive seats out there that can be used to travel with, or just take current seats and use them on the plane. Except boosters. They can't be used on the plane, but they can be packed in luggage.