Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Breastfeeding in Public

03 January 2012

Breastfeeding in Public

Every Sunday night, Danielle H. and Danielle B. host a debate topic where other bloggers can write a blog post and link it to their blogs.  This weeks topic is Breastfeeding in Public: Yay or Nay? What do YOU say?  I say MOST definitely YES.

Unfortunately, breasts are over sexualized in America.  That's the only thing people see breasts for-sex.  Many people forget that breasts have another function-nursing a toddler.   I have breastfed my daughter in public NUMEROUS times-both with covers and without covers.  The last two times I breastfed her in public-Christmas Eve at the mall in D.C. and tonight in Target-have been without a nursing cover.

When my daughter was first born, I often nursed her in the bathroom and would ONLY nurse her with a cover.  I was so conscious that I might accidentally flash someone, but now, I often nurse her without a cover.  I have found that people would notice that I was breasfeeding my daughter EVERY.SINGLE.TIME when I had a cover on, but when I don't use a cover, I almost never get a double glance.  I think this is because most just see me holding a baby.  I often try to find someplace quiet-not the bathroom-sit down and nurse Charis.  I don't flash people.  Nipples are not visible, and often my breast is not visible.  Thankfully, Drew agrees that if somebody has a problem with me nursing me daughter in public, with or without a cover, that's the other person's problem, not mine.

I think this debate would have been better if it was, "Is it OK to breastfeed without a cover in public?"  Most mommy blogs that I have read seem to agree that it's fine to breastfeed in public, but the disagreement comes when mothers choose to breastfeed without a cover.


  1. After all the Target nurse-ins I was wondering to myself, who would ever even need to breastfeed while at Target? :)

    I think the thing about "nursing in public" that bothers me is how "public" is defined. While I think it is ignorant of them to do so, I think it is fine for a person who owns a store or restaurant to decide who they want to do business with and what is acceptable in their store or restaurant. If I don't like it, I don't have to shop/eat there. That said, I think that people who are uncomfortable with it, need to get over it. My TODDLER is not capable of performing sexual acts, so if you think you are seeing one, you are the one with the problem and you'd still have the problem whether I breastfeed or not.

    And, ewww, I never nursed in a bathroom, except my own maybe.

  2. I nurse in public all the time. I can see the need in target. Out shopping, and the baby is hungry... nurse in Target.