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14 January 2012

Saturday Stumbles {Links}

Newborn Wool Soaker Pattern
I'm thinking about knitting this for a friend who is pregnant and due in March.  She specifically requested that I knit her up a few soakers, but it only fits up to 8 or 9 lbs, so is it worth making.  Note to myself: Not everyone births a 9 lb. 12 oz. baby.

12 Read Alouds Not to Miss in 2012 {Part 1}
Confession, I have only read half of these books; hopefully that will change.

An OB Pushing Her Baby Out at Home? Say It Ain't So
I LOVE birth stories, especially reading about home births and birth center births.  Even better, this post is about an OB choose to deliver at home.

Double Underoos and Perceived Obedience
What do the Pharisees and underwear have in common?  Read to find out.

Potty Training
Tips from Happy Baby Company.  Charis is not at this point yet, but I was glad to read what they recommended for potty training.

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  1. Welcome to Saturday Stumbles, Sarah! Thanks for educating me...I'd never heard of a soaker before! Thanks for linking up!