Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Hands {FEBPHOTOADAY}

03 February 2012


Today I had to work at the hospital.  I missed holding and caring for my baby girl, but I I was able to care for patients, and hopefully show some mercy and kindness to patients and their family members.  Today my hands have held my daughter while I breastfed her this morning, attempted to insert an NG {nasogastric} tube in a patient, held a patients hand, cleaned a person up after he had a BM {I'm a nurse; if this is TMI, stop reading}, attempted to work to try to bring a patient's BP {blood pressure} down, called a Cardiology PA and Intensivist with changes in a patient's condition, started an IV, gave Kleenex to a grieving wife/mother, attempted to see that my patient was transferred out of the hospital, plus many more things.  One thing they did not do was chest compressions for which I'm thankful {this would be BAD for the patient-it means they would not have a pulse}.  I'm also grateful that I was able to hold my husband's hands as we prayed together tonight.

What have your hands done today?

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  1. You can read about my nursing day on Friday on my blog - it was a tough one.

    I am not a stranger to catching things that come out of the body, though. I am so grateful I don't do critical care - most of my patients are very stable when I see them and if they are not, they go to the hospital.

    My kids are so proud of me that "Mama heals people". I limit my time away as much as possible and when I graduate I'll only be gone 2 days a week. They are in excellent hands while I am away. I think someday your daughter will say the same.

    I agree with you, though, at the end of the day it is so nice to come home and give prayers of thanks for what we have.