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09 February 2012

I'm So Hungry {Breastfeeding Blog Hop}

...I could eat a horse.  That's what I felt like shortly after Charis was born.  I had this baby who I thought was going to permanently be attached to me at the breast.  When I was pregnant, I had very few cravings, but when I started breastfeeding, that quickly changed.

It was so easy and tempting to eat junk food or processed foods because it's ready, but I quickly realized I needed to eat healthy food throughout the day.  My top favorite snacks were:

  1. Water: technically not a food, but I'm including it because it's so IMPORTANT to stay hydrated when you're breastfeeding.  I have two Nalgene bottles.  One would be filled in the refrigerator ready to be pulled out after finishing it, and the other would be with me, so I could drink it and not have to get up and fill a glass of water when it ran dry.
  2. Apples: I remember going apple picking when Charis was about five weeks old.  I ate four apples while picking {don't worry, the workers said it was okay to eat as I picked}, brought home 10+ lbs. of apples, and within two weeks, they were all consumed.  FYI: Drew had five.
  3. Oatmeal: I prefer Steel-cut oats, but since I was so hungry, I settled on rolled oats.  I have since found out that Trader Joe's sells Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats.
  4. Raw almonds: I would grab a handful before sitting down to nurse Charis.
  5. Plain Greek yogurt: My favorite is from Trader Joe's, but considering I go to there 1-2X/month, eating different brands when we run out
What snacks or food did you eat when you breastfed?
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  1. Looks like oatmeal made it on to every one's list! :)

  2. I, like you, ate far more while breastfeeding than I did when pregnant. Until recently, for over 4 years I was either pregnant or breastfeeding. I am finally doing neither and it is amazing how little I eat compared to then.

    Good list - glad you put water at the top. I started dumping protein powder into my smoothies to help with caloric intake.

  3. Oh my goodness! I seriously eat and eat and eat and I'm already 5lbs from prebaby weight! I'm so glad it's normal to constantly be starving while bf'ing.