Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Photographs {FEBPHOTOADAY}

20 February 2012

Photographs {FEBPHOTOADAY}

February 12, 2012-Inside my closet
I had hoped to clean my closet before taking this picture.  A lot of the clothes you see are scrubs that I'm planning on giving to a thrift store for two reasons: 1)The hospital I work at switched to a solid royal blue color for the RNs and 2)A lot of them don't fit as well as they used to before pregnancy.  They're too small ALL over, and I need to be free to easily move when I'm working-especially when I'm providing patient care.

February 13, 2012-Blue
My daughter wore blue jeans, and I decided to take a picture of her legs while she was eating.

February 14, 2012-Heart
My Little Love on Valentine's Day in her red top with hearts all over it.  FYI: I really do try to keep her hair out of her face by using putting clips or pony tails, but every time I put something in her hair, within five minutes, she has taken it out, and I don't want to cut bangs for her.

February 15, 2012-Phone
Charis loves phones-both real, fake, and made up.  She's holding my cell phone and a toy phone in this picture; she often walks around the apartment with her hand up to her ear, talking, as she would on a phone.

February 16, 2012-Something new
This might be pushing it, but I really don't care...  I took a picture of a new cup of hot chocolate I made for myself at my in-laws house.

February 17, 2012-Time
I almost forgot to take a picture, but at 11:57PM, I remembered!  Saved by a few minutes.

February 18, 2012-Drink
My immediate family-my parents, siblings, and their spouses-celebrated our Christmas on Saturday, since we were not able to find a good time for all of us in December.  These were my brother's drinks-sparkling apple cider and root beer.  S&S brought the root beer, which I did not have because I hate it.

February 19, 2012-Something I hate to do
Okay, I don't hate playing the piano.  I just thought this was a cute picture of Charis, but this picture reminded me of my flute lessons.  I took flute lessons for 8 years and disliked one of my teachers.  She constantly said, "You need to drill, drill, drill, drill, drill, drill..." and hated the fact that she would constantly say that.  I was taking lessons to learn how to play an instrument, not to go to Julliard.  After having her as a teacher for less than one year, I starting to dislike practice.  Music teachers {and teachers in general} need to be careful not to take the joy of learning away from a student-how that's done, I don't know.

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