Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Saturday Stumbles {Links}

04 February 2012

Saturday Stumbles {Links}

10 Tips for Nurses on the Night Shift
Before Charis was born, I worked full time nights in CCU.  These are great tips for others who work nights, especially the tip to avoid caffeine early on in the shift.  When I would drink coffee first thing, I would crash, but I would often leave the floor around 0330 and go get coffee.  It was a great pick me up towards the end of the shift.

Jeff Harold, Liver Recipient
Jeff {we were in the same graduating class in high school} writes about the importance of organ donation.

Send Them Away
"Lord, make my heart more compassionate toward those who need my help. May I make a difference in their lives for your namesake."

Little Man Diaper Clutch Tutorial
This makes me want to go through Drew's closet and see what suits or jackets he does not need.

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