Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Thanksgiving {Gratituesday}

14 February 2012

Thanksgiving {Gratituesday}

This week, as always, there are several reasons to be thankful.

  • My nephew was born last Thursday at 3:45PM. Weight 7lbs. 15oz. Length 20in.  He's cute and healthy.  My husband, daughter, and I are traveling tonight to see him and the rest of our family.  FYI: I'm hoping to post a picture of the finished longies after giving them to him.  Pray for his parents, that they will adjust to his birth and that God will sustain them.
  • My daughter was "good" {quieter than she sometimes is} during church on Sunday for my husband; I had to work, so he watched and held Charis.  I was pleased that my daughter's face lit up when I came home from work.  She immediately got of her chair and ran towards me.
  • I am thankful for my husband, that when I'm angry or down or cheerful, he points me to Christ.  God blessed me with a good husband.