Wife, Mummy, Nurse: 10 Random Things about Me {That You May or May Not Have Known}

26 March 2012

10 Random Things about Me {That You May or May Not Have Known}

  1. My favorite show growing up was Full House.
  2. When we eventually buy a house, I dream of being able to have chickens.
  3. I have been to Northern Ireland 11 times.  My husband and daughter have both been over there once.
  4. I tried crocheting, but quickly decided that I'll stick with knitting, plus I often prefer how knit items look over crocheted.
  5. I knew my husband for 14 years before we started dating.  Yes, we were childhood friends, and I thought he was nerdy {and still think that}.
  6. I had NO interest in nursing, until I worked as a nurse aid after my freshman year of college.
  7. I left college after my sophomore year to go into nursing, since Grove City does not have a nursing program.
  8. I'm horrible at starting projects {especially crafty} and not finishing them.  I'm thankful the Wednesday Yarn Along helps me to finish projects.
  9. When I went to Uganda {in 2006}, I brought back 22 lbs. of coffee beans. 
  10. When I went into nursing, I had hoped to work with women and/or children.  I still hope that, but I have no idea how it will work out.  Though technically, I am working at home with my daughter.


  1. I have read a lot of people saying they want to have chickens lately. Me, I would like to get a horse!

    Ireland is on my bucket list! I really want to go there.

  2. I hope you have a chance to work in the area you most want - it certainly makes a different if you're feeling fulfilled in your career particularly when it takes you away from your family. That's kind of how I feel - it has to be great if I'm missing out of some of my family time.

    Chickens - we hope to have some someday, too. I already had a horse and it was a ton of work - I sort of traded the horse for my daughter.

  3. I LOVED "Full House," too!!!!!!! Following you from Manic Mommy Monday! www.tonithechicmomma.com

  4. I'm hoping to have enough property for a few chickens and maybe a horse and a milk cow. I grew up on a farm and loved it. #MMM