Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Low Milk Supply {#BFBlogHop}

29 March 2012

Low Milk Supply {#BFBlogHop}

I'm so thankful, I did not battle having a low milk supply.  There were several things I did to avoid it, such as nursing on demand, trying to get rest, drinking lots of water, and eating.

If you are pregnant, a few suggestions are prepare meals before your birth and freeze them {especially if you don't have people bringing you meals or family cooking meals for you}, by doing this you will be able to rest and not worry as much about cooking after your baby is born.  Speak with your midwife or doctor and let them know you want to hold your baby skin to skin after he is born, so that you can breastfeed within the first hour {if bathing needs to be delayed that's fine}.  Room in with your baby at the hospital {that way you can nurse when you see the early signs of hunger}.  Don't be afraid to tell visitors to take a hike {though depending on who it is, you might want to show more tact} so that you can rest, breastfeed, and/or bond with your baby.

Unfortunately, there are people who have done all of the above and are still battling low milk supply.  If your baby is not gaining weight or is losing weight, keep in touch with your child's pediatrician.  If you are having trouble maintaining your milk supply, try to find the causes of your milk supply issues with the help of a lactation consultant, who will help see if it's something that is wrong with the baby {Is it a sucking problem i.e. tongue tie?, Does your baby have a medical problem, i.e. cardiac or airway problems} or mother {Is it hormonal?, Is it something with your breast structure?, Do you have thyroid problems?}

Wear your baby this keeps your baby a few inches away from his favorite food and may entice him to eat more.  Cosleep-take your baby to bed with you and if able to sleep when your baby sleeps. Compress your breasts after your baby thinks he is finished-oftentimes a baby might wake up and want to continue nursing.  Consider pumping between feedings.  The herbs Fenugreek and Blessed thistle have been shown to help increase milk production.  Be aware that certain medications {such as Sudafed, some birth control pills, etc.} may interfere with production of breastmilk.  If you have supplemented with formula, wean gradually, take away a few ounces or a feeding.


  1. Great info, thanks:-) I never thought about some of these things!

    1. Thanks! Like I wrote, I did not have this problem, but I hope it helps others who have it.

  2. My third was the first I had enough to exclusively breastfeed. I have PCOS and it has an effect on mlik supply. I had to take domperidone, goat's rue. And because of the domperidone I haven't lost any of the baby weight this time around. :( Sucks when things don't work right. I had to constantly fight low supply while other moms don't have to worryabout it.