Wife, Mummy, Nurse: My Top Tools for Successful Breastfeeding {Breastfeeding Blog Hop}

08 March 2012

My Top Tools for Successful Breastfeeding {Breastfeeding Blog Hop}

There are many breastfeeding products on the market today-some were useful to me and some were not.  A few of my top favorites are:

Kissing Charis after she was breastfed;
I pushed the Boppy out of the way
to kiss her forehead.
A supportive environment: {I know technically not a product, but it's important}.  God has blessed me with many people in my life that helped.  My husband was {and still is} great; he would get me a glass full of ice water every time I nursed Charis, along with doing the dishes and cleaning the first few weeks.  A lot of my friends from church have also breastfed and were of encouragement-not just with breastfeeding, but with everything, especially bringing meals.  My mum was only able to be with us a VERY short time, but the first night home from the hospital, she took Charis outside at 4:00 AM, so that I could get some sleep.  I had not slept at all, and was breaking down.  My in-laws came down for about two weeks and helped with buying groceries, cooking, and holding Charis, which allowed me to rest, shower, eat, etc.  Charis's pediatrician is also supportive, and even though Charis did not regain her birth weight at the time of the appointment, he did NOT push formula.  When her doctor found out I had mastitis, he referred me to see an IBCLC.  The lactation consultant helped me realize that Charis was not latching on correctly.

Boppy pillow: When my mum saw my pillow, she commented how she wished she had something like that 20+ years ago.  It was nice to have the first 3-4 months, but after that I did not use it for breastfeeding.  I used it for tummy time {which Charis HATED} and when she was in the early stages of learning how to sit up.

Lanolin cream: Helped my nipples, and I have more than half a tube left, but use it to lanolize my wool diaper covers.

Lanisoh soothies: These were a LIFESAVER!!  I did not buy these until the lactation consultant told me about them.  They did not stick to my cracked nipple.

Breast pads: Yes, I was DEFINITELY one who overproduced.  I still need them from time to time.  A comment was left on last week's post about wearing tops with printed designs; I want to remember that suggestion since there were times I definitely had circles on my shirt.


  1. Lansinoh is a lifesaver:) I still need it every now and then:/

  2. I never used my Lansinoh and am kicking myself for tossing it- I could really use it now with my woolies ;)

  3. You are so right. A supportive environment is the most important thing. The day she was born, she acted like she wanted to nurse all day long. That's how she liked to sleep. When we got home, I was hearing from plenty of people how I needed to give her formula too. I cried so much and so hard because I didn't want that. Once I started going to meetings at La Leche League, I felt much better.