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16 March 2012

Weaning {What's That?}

When I saw this week's Breastfeeding Blog Hop topic, I laughed!  I have not really actively tried to wean my daughter.

For about 3-4 weeks prior to Thanksgiving, she was only breastfeeding 2X/day, but then she got a stomach bug and the ONLY thing she could keep down was breast milk.  I was trying to drink a lot of water and nursing her throughout the day so she could stay hydrated.  Then we went to visit family and friends in Pennsylvania, for 1 1/2 weeks, she was surrounded by people she does not see on a regular basis and wanted to be comforted.  So, I started nursing her when she was hungry and needed comforting.  After that week, Charis started nursing 4-6X/day.  At times, I selfishly thought, "What is this??  I want Charis to be finished with nursing because I want XYZ."  Note: I'm NOT saying those who wean their child/ren are being selfish, but I was thinking primarily of myself and not my daughter.

Recently my daughter has been sleeping for 8-12 hours at night between feedings!!  Now, when she wakes up, Drew often goes out to her and tries to hold and comfort her and often he'll give her teething tablets since some of her teeth are about to erupt.  If she's still crying after a few minutes, I'll nurse her.  On Wednesday, I nursed Charis around 9:00AM, put her down for a nap, she woke up from a nap and we went to a park, went to prayer meeting, went grocery shopping, and she crashed on the way home.  I carried her in the apartment and put her in her crib.  She did not wake up until 5:00AM on Thursday.   I was not planning for that to happen, but it did.  I was about to pump some breast milk at that time, but then she woke up {so thankful}.  Avoid weaning suddenly, you'll be engorged and be at increased risk for mastitis.  Instead, where I am at, is Don't offer, don't refuse.  If Charis is asking for "milkies", I nurse her, but only then.  If she's content to play, I'll let her play with her dolls or duplos.  Sometimes, I also try distraction, not for weaning purposes, but more for convenience, such as when we're out shopping.  If she starts wanting to be nursed, but I'm unable to right then, I'll try to give her something to keep her content.

Have you ever weaned a baby or toddler?  If so, 
what worked and what did not work?

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