Wife, Mummy, Nurse: April Goals

02 April 2012

April Goals

One of my goals for February was to do the February photo a day challenge, but I only got halfway through.  I thought about trying it again in March, but I had to be at the hospital at least 5 days for ACLS and BLS renewals, annual competency fair, and the two days I have to work, so I decided not to try it and focus more on cleaning, which is getting better.  The FlyLady's suggestions have helped, especially in the kitchen and when I have a clean kitchen and made bed, I'm more motivated to clean.

I had a headache yesterday.
Thankfully, it was gone after
waking up from my nap.
This month, I have decided to try the Photo a Day April Challenge.  Yesterdays picture was reflection, so here it is:

A few other goals are to write at least two letters to my Grandad.  He's a 91 year old, widower.  My Granny died September 26, 2005, and it doesn't seem like she's been dead that long.  When Granny was alive, my mum and she would write letters to each other every Sabbath.  We always liked getting the mail, but it would take about 10-14 days to get to us.  We received her last letter when my mum and sister were in Northern Ireland for her funeral.  My brother and I did not go.  Robbie {my brother} was in his first year at Grove City College, and I was in my last year of nursing school in my pediatric rotation.  God was good to her in taking her so quickly {everyone was sure that Grandad would die first}, but it was hard on our family.  Read more to Charis {if she'll let me}.  She likes to go, go, go, but doesn't always know when to stop and slow down.  Run/walk at least 30 miles with Charis.  Memorize Psalm 21B {the Psalm of the month at church}.  I have MANY more, but I don't think yinz want to read them all.

What are your goals for April?


  1. Dropping by from #MMM. I really need to get on the goal train and get some stuff accomplished. Thinking I will do this starting after Fuss's party is finished.

  2. Wow, never noticed how much you look like your dad before.

    I remember running into your brother at school when your grandmother died. It was so sad to see him cry :( No one lets on that they care about their grandparents, I'm glad you guys do.

  3. Sarah, just had to drop in -- your "yinz" got me! Still hear that from both my mom and dad after living on the west coast for over 35 years. It's such a Pgh. thing. :) ~Lisa