Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Cloth Diaper Usage and Reducing Waste

17 April 2012

Cloth Diaper Usage and Reducing Waste

I hate being wasteful, in part it's because I'm not being wise with what God has given me.  While I chose cloth diaper my daughter because I want to save money, I also chose to cloth diaper because I want to be a good steward of what God has given me. Plus, I'm able to reuse the cloth diaper after washing it, and will hopefully save more money by using them on future children.

People often question: "What do you do with poop?"  My response is when Charis poops, I flush the poop down the toilet and remind them that poop is supposed to be shaken off and flushed down for disposable diapers.
About five millions tons of untreated body excrement, which may carry over 100 intestinal viruses, is brought to landfills via disposable diapers every year, contributing to groundwater contamination and attracting insects and pests that breed disease. {From The Everything Green Baby Book, p. 183}
I also practice elimination communication by watching for cues that Charis shows she'll shorting have a bowel movement.  If I notice Charis is just standing there, squishing her face together, or is just staring off in space, I ask, "Are you pooping?"  Then I get her potty chair and place her on it, so she'll hopefully poop while sitting on the potty chair.  I have also realized that Charis often pees after dinner, so I try to put her on her potty chair then.  I'm not trying to potty train her.  Instead, I figure by doing this she'll come to see that she needs to pee and poop on the potty.

Since using cloth diapers on Charis, I have come to realize how wasteful I was in other areas of life. I no longer use:
  1. Paper towels. I use microfiber towels I found in the automotive section at Target.
  2. Tampons. I use The DivaCup and the Lunette cup, with cloth pads as a backup.
  3. Paper napkins. I use cloth napkins {actually, I was doing this BEFORE Charis was born}.
What do you do to reduce waste?


  1. Which of the two menstrual cups do you prefer?

    1. I prefer the Diva Cup, and I think it's because it has a shorter stem, but I like them both better than tampons.