Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Colour Lovers {3KCBWDAY1}

23 April 2012

Colour Lovers {3KCBWDAY1}

As many of you know, I enjoy knitting.  Most of the time I'm knitting gifts for others.  I have never knit for myself and knit more for other babies than my daughter.  When I saw what today's theme was for the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, I thought, "That's easy.  I have a lot of pink."  Then I went into my wool yarn and put {almost} all of them on the floor.  I quickly realized I was mistaken.  Most of my yarn consists of blues and greens.  I also saw I do not have any yellow yarn.  I can see at least 5 skeins that will be knit up as gifts for family members.  I did not include my works in progress-of which there are three {one red and two pink}.
I am crazy about two colors: carmine and cobalt. Cobalt is a divine color and there is nothing so beautiful for creating atmosphere. Carmine is as warm and lively as wine... the same with emerald green. ~Vincent Van Gogh 
I decided to pull out 8 of my favorite skeins and write what I'm planning on knitting:

A. Legacy Lace: I'm planning on knitting The easiest bow tie ever for my nephew.
B. MANOS maxima: The next project I'm knitting will be the Curly purly soaker pattern for a friend's baby.
C. Full o' sheep: No plans currently.
D. Ella rae classic wool: I bought two skeins {$2/skein} from this dye lot last year at the Maryland sheep and wool festival.  I'm hoping to make a shawl for myself, but have not chosen the pattern yet.

E. Full o' sheep: I might knit the Lotus leaf scarf.
F. Full o' sheep: No plans currently.  The reason I have a lot of this type of yarn is because I like the bold colors and make baby gifts with this yarn, since it's soft.
G. 100% Peruvian highland wool: No plans with this skein.  I knit a neckwarmer hat for my sister for Christmas last year.
H. Alpaca love: Hoping to make the Toddler bolero pattern for Charis, but she won't need it until the fall.

How do you knit or crochet?  Do you stick with certain colors or buy a spectrum of colors?


  1. At the moment it seems I go from one baby gift project to the next and fill in with requests from the kids. They've each requested a dragon - pink for the girl and green for the boy. I have a pattern but need to get the yarn. As far as baby gifts, I need some of my friends to start having girls because I'm running out of blues. I cannot wait to see your completed projects.

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