Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Colour {#photoadayapril}

03 April 2012

Colour {#photoadayapril}

This morning I received a phone call from a friend in labor. I was her "on call" person for watching her two girls during the day. Her daughters are within two years of Charis, and they all get along. My friend told me she was in labor and would I be able to get to her house around 9:00AM; of course I could. Meanwhile, I'm jumping around because she's having a baby. Her baby was born around 1:00PM. Charis and I stayed at with her girls until her husband came home to take them to the hospital.

Charis and I then went to Trader Joe's and then went home. We had yogurt and an Asian dish for dinner. Charis thinks yogurt is also a finger paint that she can put in her hair. I gave her a bath and afterwards put a colorful top on her:

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  1. Love freshly bathed kids - by the way, when did she start looking like a kid and less like a baby? Time is flying!