Wife, Mummy, Nurse: The Lord's Supper {Gratituesday}

03 April 2012

The Lord's Supper {Gratituesday}

I'm thankful for the celebration of The Lord's Supper that Trinity had on Sabbath.  At our church, it is celebrated once a month, on the first Lord's Day; I will add, I wish we celebrated it weekly.

Question 75. How art thou admonished and assured in the Lord's Supper, that thou art a partaker of that one sacrifice of Christ, accomplished on the cross, and of all his benefits? 
Answer: Thus: That Christ has commanded me and all believers, to eat of this broken bread, and to drink of this cup, in remembrance of him, adding these promises: first, that his body was offered and broken on the cross for me, and his blood shed for me, as certainly as I see with my eyes, the bread of the Lord broken for me, and the cup communicated to me; and further, that he feeds and nourishes my soul to everlasting life, with his crucified body and shed blood, as assuredly as I receive from the hands of the minister, and taste with my mouth the bread and cup of the Lord, as certain signs of the body and blood of Christ. {From The Heidelberg Catechism}
As we were singing Psalm 22F {Psalm 22:1-11}, I started crying.  I was moved that Christ died for me.  That my sins {jealousy, anxiousness, covetousness, anger, lack of faith, pride, impatience, plus many, many more} were placed on Christ.  I am not seen as filthy rags, but am seen perfect because of Christ, not because of anything I have done.  Yes, I have known this before, but sometimes when I hear God's word preached and sing His Psalms, I cannot help but be moved.

I am thankful for Christ.  I am thankful for the sacraments that God has given us.  I am thankful that God bids me to come to Him.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Thankful for the same, Sarah. That we wear Christ's Righteousness is an overwhelming thought and reality, indeed. Resting in His mercies, ~Lisa