Wife, Mummy, Nurse: My Favorite Thing About Breastfeeding Charis... {BFBlogHop}

21 April 2012

My Favorite Thing About Breastfeeding Charis... {BFBlogHop}

...is holding her, cuddling her, looking into her eyes, counting her fingers, pointing at her nose, eyes, ears, etc. and telling her the names of those body parts.  I realize she's growing SO quickly.  When I'm nursing her, it's one of the few times she's not running around playing, climbing on things, and basically trying to give her mummy a heart attack.

I love my baby girl, but she's not much of a baby anymore.

"How big are you Charis?"
"This BIG!" 


  1. She is getting so big, almost 2 now. I can't wait to see her (and you - but you don't really change much) again.

  2. I've found that my snuggles before bedtime still continue with my kids even thought they are no longer being breastfed. It's still a calm time, maybe the only quiet time they give me, during the day. I enjoyed how nearly 2 years of breastfeeding each of them set me up to be able to do this. She is so charming in this photo.