Wife, Mummy, Nurse: My Knitting Hero {3KCBWDAY3}

26 April 2012

My Knitting Hero {3KCBWDAY3}

Photograph of Grandad, Me, and Granny in 2000
at my parents' house in Pennsylvania.
I was going back and forth whether or not my knitting hero would be Granny or Mummy.  I decided to go with my granny. Growing up every Christmas and birthday present we received from my grandparents, in Northern Ireland, was a knit jumper and on the tag it would say, "Made with love by Granny."  Most of the jumpers we received would be worn a lot, and I only have one left that she knit for me.  Hopefully, it will fit Charis next fall and winter, and if I remember, I'll post a photograph of her in it.

I remember going over to my grandparents' house and going into Granny's knitting room.  She had a knitting machine and along the wall were shelves with yarn.  To this day, smelling wool brings back those memories-so if my friends and family see me sniffing wool you'll know why I do that now.  Granny died in 2005, but I'm thankful to have many fond memories of opening up her gifts.

Hopefully, I can continue to pass handmade gifts that are knit with love to my family and friends-which reminds me, I must start knitting Christmas gifts if I hope to finish them by Christmas.

Do you have a knitting hero?  
They don't have to be famous.


  1. Ooh, that's a tough question, its either Mrs. H. because she taught me or Mrs. K at church because she really started my love of wool and inspired me to try all kinds of things.

  2. My mom-in-law, definitely. And Amy, secondarily. :)