Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Ruffle Skirted Soaker {Yarn Along}

19 April 2012

Ruffle Skirted Soaker {Yarn Along}

I finished knitting the leaf dishcloth pattern from last week, but I did not take any photographs of the finished project!!  I'm so frustrated with myself because I meant to, but it's too late now since I gave it as a gift to a friend.  Oh well... maybe one of these days I'll learn.

I'm now in the process of knitting a skirtie that doubles as a cloth diaper cover.  I just started it today, and I'm only the the band.  I'm using Paton's Classic Wool yarn, since it's my first time making a skirtie and if I mess up, I won't be too upset since it's cheap as far as wool goes.  Hopefully, next week I'll have a whole lot more to show for.  In case you were wondering, the monkeys underneath the ball of yarn is a prefold I sewed today.  Let's just say knitting is SO MUCH EASIER with a toddler!! In the future when I sew, it will be done at night after Charis is asleep.

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