Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Saving Money on Cloth Diapers {Make Your Own}

19 April 2012

Saving Money on Cloth Diapers {Make Your Own}

On Pinterest, one of my boards is called making cloth diapers.  To do the projects on this board, you need to know how to knit or sew.  Today, I decided to sew a prefold and borrowed some ideas from this pin.  I...

  • Cut four pieces of flannel 15 inches X 18 inches and turned the right sides toward each other so that the wrong sides were showing.  Straight stitched along the 18 inch sides.
  • Turned it so that the right side was on the outside.  Had two 6 inch X 18 inch strips and pinned them on the inside in the middle.  Straight stitched them in place.
  • Closed the top and bottom with a zig zag stitch.  Next time a make these, I hope to get closer to the edge for the zigzag stitch. 
This prefold cost me less than $2.00 to make.  Two months ago, flannel was $1.99/yard at Joann Fabrics, so I bought some, but you don't need to buy brand new flannel, you can do this with items around your home.  Use one of those 12 receiving blankets you received, but rarely {or never} used.

I have also knit soakers and longies for Charis and am currently knitting her a ruffle skirted soaker for summer.

What ways have you saved money cloth diapering?
Hope the directions for the prefold made sense.
I have a feeling I understand what I want to say, but
it may not be as clear as I think.

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