Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Using Your Cloth Diapers in the Hospital

19 April 2012

Using Your Cloth Diapers in the Hospital

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Cloth Diapers in Hospitals
You're pregnant and decided to cloth diaper full time, but you have heard that most hospitals use disposables and not cloth.  Most likely hospitals will not change their practices between now and when you have the baby, so if you want to use cloth from the moment your baby is born, I suggest you bring 24+ diapers to the hospital.  As a nurse, I do have a few suggestions:

Part of my work badge lying
on top of a newborn
fitted cloth diaper.

  1. Calmly tell the nurses you would like to use cloth diapers on your baby.  If you really want to, put it in your birth plan. 
  2. Tell the nursing staff you {or your husband} will change the diapers.  Most nurses {at least the ones I work with} think using cloth diapers is crazy.  Some of my coworkers said they were going to use gloves when they were changing their own baby's diaper.
  3. Bring a good wetbag to the hospital and be prepared that when you go home, you {or a family member} will have to wash the diapers.
  4. Use liners until your baby has his first meconium stool, especially if you're concerned about staining.
  5. If you're able to, bring easy diapers, such as Pockets and AIOs.  To show the staff that you don't need to use pins in order to cloth diaper.
  6. Finally, be open to change.  Remember labor is hard work and you need to recover after your baby's delivery.
Disclaimer: I did not use cloth with my daughter in the hospital and probably won't for future children, unless the hospital offers it.  Mainly because, I don't like the idea of going home and doing laundry right away.  I also do not work in Labor and Delivery or the Mother-Baby unit.

Did any of you use cloth right away with your baby?
If so, what suggestions do you have?


  1. I would love to be able to use cloth in the hospital. We opted not to with our daughter because it was a new thing for us and we were at a new hospital and not sure what to expect. It was a good thing we did not decide to either as she was so tiny none of her diapers fit until she was 4 weeks old. Most diapers start fitting around 8lbs and she was 6. Plus, I did not want to buy newborn diapers. Now I know more and would probably rest or borrow some newborn diapers.

    Great suggestions, Sarah.

  2. Yeah, these are good suggestions! But I'm not that hard-core!