Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Work, Vomit, and Moist Coughs

09 April 2012

Work, Vomit, and Moist Coughs

Yesterday, I worked for 13+ hours at the hospital.  It was SO busy, and I was not able to eat my lunch until 3:00PM.  A patient on the unit coded shortly after 6:00PM-which is a bad time to do that, not that any time is really good for the patient.  It's that time during the shift that I {and others} am checking to see how much output patients had from Foleys, chest tubes, NG tubes, JP drains, etc.  Yes, we keep an eye on it during the day, but we're making sure it's charted.  Patients are being repositioned in bed one final time, 6PM meds are being given, etc.

As I was leaving the hospital, I phoned Drew and told him I was on my way home.  He proceeded to tell me that Charis threw up in the living room.  He thought it was because she ate so much food at dinner, then they were rough housing immediately after dinner {she was being tickled}, and threw up a few minutes after.  When I got home, Charis seemed fine she was so happy to see me, I washed my hands and changed clothes, then nursed her.  She slept for 10+ hours last night!!!

As I was nursing her this morning, I noticed she had a very stuffed up nose.  She also has a moist cough.  I listened to her lung fields posteriorly and anteriorly with my stethoscope, but they were fine.  She's currently napping, and I expect it to be a long one.  When she's not feeling great, she takes 4-5 hour naps.

How was your weekend or how is your Monday going?

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  1. My younger daughter (about 4 months old) has had a stuffy nose for (what feels like) the last two months! I have asked the doctor about it several times at her regular check-ups and she just keeps telling me it's "normal" with a 2-year-old in the house spreading germs. No real cough and no other symptoms, so we just give her saline every once in a while, use the blue nose-sucker thing and watch her sleeping and stuff.
    Do you think it's "easier" or more difficult being a nurse and having more of an understanding of illnesses than some/other mommy's?