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23 May 2012

Folding Flats

Pad fold in a Thirsties duo wrap
When I first looked at different cloth diapers, I immediately ruled out flats.  Why?  Because I'm lazy and didn't want to have to learn fold techniques.  Which is why, the fold technique I use at least 75% of the time is the pad fold.  It's also easy, and I don't have to worry about the flats being too small.  If Charis was exclusively breastfed, I would not use this fold, because poop would be more likely to excape.

But at night when my daughter is in a wool cover, I like Charis's diaper to be secure, so I usually do the origami fold.  Thankfully, the flats I've used so far at night have enough stretch and allow me to use this fold.  Here's a video I found on YouTube demonstrating the Origami fold on a baby.

We decided Charis's baby also needed a flat diaper on, instead of her newborn fitted diaper. So yesterday, I put a flat diaper on dolly. Unfortunately in the process of taking a photograph, Dolly's head got cut off in the picture.

Day 2's Thoughts: It went much better than day 1, mainly because there were no unexpected trips to the pediatrician.  I have four diapers to wash, two from yesterday and two from today.  Now, that Charis is napping I better go wash them.  Last year, I learned to try to wash only a few at a time instead of waiting until the end of the day and finding them still wet {or damp on good days} in the morning.  I'm also praying the sun comes out and helps dry the diapers.

What are your favorite folding techniques?
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  1. Thank you for making this so simple. I am so intimidated by flats and this makes it seem so much easier than I thought