Wife, Mummy, Nurse: I'm Thankful for my Washing Machine {No I Did Not Cheat}

24 May 2012

I'm Thankful for my Washing Machine {No I Did Not Cheat}

Soaking flats in a bucket before
they're washed.
We are over halfway to the end of the challenge. Honestly, I'm glad.  After last years challenge, I found I actually enjoyed using flats and continued to use them after the challenge, but I also miss my maid-the washing machine.  It's much easier throwing diapers in, wash them, and hang them out to dry.

But despite that, so far it seems to be going well. Yesterday, I put more detergent than I should have and had to rinse, rinse, rinse, and repeat.  I also decided to wash diapers while Charis is napping or has gone to bed for the night. Yesterday, she was right over my shoulder and splashing the water-not that I blame her.  She LOVES baths, swimming, splashing around, basically anything to do with water, but it's much easier when she's not right over my shoulder.

I'm glad for a few things:

  • Using wool.  Two of the covers I'm using are wool-one handknit by me and the other store bought.  So I'm able to just air them out after Charis pees, plus they're breathable.  Last year I used a pocket diaper at night, but it's nice that I only have to handwash a flat diaper.  If I HAD to do this full time, I would probably use wool exclusively on my daughter.
  • The bucket.  I throw dirty diapers in the bucket so that they can get rinsed.
  • An old toothbrush.  Helps scrub poop stains out.
  • Gloves.  My hands would be raw if it weren't for gloves.
  • This morning my flats were dry!!!  
  • It's nice to know that if I had to do this, I could.  It helps me realize that I take many comforts in life for granted, instead of being thankful to God for them.
What are your thoughts on handwashing?
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  1. I love the reminder of how much we have to be grateful for as well! I feel like I have a hard time staying on top of things, but the reality is I have so many modern conveniences to make my job easier. Oh, and I *have* to wash when Nehemiah is asleep for the same reason. He literally tried to climb into the tub! ~Melissa