Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Nursemaid's Elbow {Gratituesday}

22 May 2012

Nursemaid's Elbow {Gratituesday}

A much happier baby girl and
mummy.  She just had a bath.
Yesterday was very emotional for me because Charis was in a lot of pain.  Around 2:50PM, we were walking up to our apartment door, I was holding her hand, she suddenly pulled away from me, I still held on to her, but then heard a "pop".  Charis started crying, so I carried her inside.  She then stopped crying, and I put her down.  When I put her down, I noticed her left arm was straight down to her side, and she wasn't using it.  Charis was guarding that arm and using her right hand to keep her left arm in towards her body.  She started to cry every time I put her down.

I then called the pediatrician's office and the nurse said, "It sounds like nursemaid's elbow.  Give your daughter Tylenol because you need to come in and have your daughter's elbow relocated."  We left immediately, but I was such a wreck and missed the exit for the pediatrician and as a result it took 30 minutes instead of 15-20 minutes.

Charis cried and cried during the reduction, and I started crying because she was in pain.  I tried nursing her, but nursing didn't even help.  Thankfully, she's now able to suck her left thumb again.

I'm thankful:

  • For doctors and nurses
  • That Charis has mobility of her arm again
  • That I called the doctor's office

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  1. I think you handled the situation well and if it helps, this is fairly common and happens to many parents/kids.

    As a side note, these are not fun to fix for the child or the health care providers either. There are times when I've had to do stuff to children and I've maintained my composure while in the room but then go back to the office and cry for a bit. As a parent, it is so tough to see my child experience pain that I do not forget than when I am caring for someone else's child who is in pain.

    I am glad she is doing better. And hopefully, so are you.