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22 May 2012

Supplies for the #Flatschallenge

Pretty IKEA "flats"
What supplies am I using for this challenge?  Flats, specifically:
  • 12 Osocozy flat diapers that I used last year
  • Four IKEA "flats"
  • One Orange Diaper Co. bamboo terry square
  • Two Dippee Dypees flats
  • One Hemp Babies hemp flat
Last year, I found that having only 12 flats was stretching it too much.  So I decided to purchase a few flat diapers.  Altogether, I have twenty flats.  The challenge runs through Sunday, but I will not be handwashing them that day.  Instead, I will handwash them on Monday, since I believe Sunday is a day God has given us as a day of rest and worshipping Him.

My daughter in her Orange Diaper
Co. flat in the origami fold.
Closed with a Snappi.
The covers I plan on using are a Disana wool cover, Thirsties duo wrap in snaps, Baby Bee Haven cover, Flip diaper, and a hand knit soaker made by me.  

Pins and Snappis to help close the diapers.

Rubber gloves, laundry detergent, and a plunger.

What supplies are you using for the 
Flats and Handwashing challenge?

Day 1: It wasn't too bad, except when Charis woke up from her nap, she had a massive bowel movement in her diaper.  So, I soaked the flat diaper in the toilet.  Once the poop was off, I placed the diaper in a small bucket of water to help rinse out the diaper.  Overall this worked well, but even with all the scrubbing, there's going to be a stain.  I'm trying to think what Charis ate to make her poop so dark.  I accidentally left one of her diapers on for about 4 hours because of a trip to her doctor to relocate her elbow.  I forgot to bring diapers because as we were leaving for the pediatrician's office I was so flustered and kept blaming myself for her nursemaid's elbow.  Which reminds me, I need to pack the diaper bag.

How did Day 1 go for you?
I am linking this post up at Dirty Diaper Laundry.

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  1. I love the flats from Ikea. They are so cute. Day one wasnt so bad more worried about day 2 because the diapers are taking a long time to dry.