Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Things I Have Learned about Handwashing Diapers

26 May 2012

Things I Have Learned about Handwashing Diapers

Charis in her Disana wool cover.
FYI: I don't know what she was doing to the fitted
sheet in her crib.  Drew said she was playing for
about an hour before going to sleep.

  1. Use wool.  I've been saving PUL covers for when we leave the apartment, but at home, I've been putting Charis in a wool cover or pinning her diaper and allowing her to be coverless. Plus, wool is breathable and you don't have to wash it if it's just wet.
  2. Use bamboo or hemp at night time. I've been pleased with both the ODC and Dippee Dypees flats. Dippee Dypees is $8-$10 cheaper and both dry quickly.
  3. Soak flats in a bucket of water and keep it out of reach from your toddler.  Add the PUL covers about 30 minutes before handwashing the rest.
  4. Try using an OLD toothbrush to help get poop stains out of the diapers.
What recommendations do you have about handwashing diapers?

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